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Dear Parents,

We invite your children to spend two periods of camp life with us, of which they will have beautiful memories for a long time.

The program includes communication with friends from different countries, practical courses that are organized during the whole camp. Thanks to this, your children will broaden their knowledge and acquire better language skills (in French, Russian and English).

Check-ins are organized: from July 8 to July 17

from July 17 to July 26

You can register your children on the website: Registration | demoterra

Information by phone: +32 489 98 15 30

Accommodation: on the territory of the tourist complex Villers Saint Gertrude, Province of Luxembourg (

Meals: the children eat full board: breakfast, lunch of 2 courses and dinner. In addition, drinks and a light snack are provided for the afternoon.

Youth Vacation Program:

- 2 foreign language classes per day, Monday to Friday.

- Music workshops.

- Educational and entertaining games.

- Sports tournaments and training sessions on mountain tourism.

- Evening entertainment program: talent shows, contests, quizzes, night sky and... bonfires!

The price includes:

- Training according to the chosen program - 20-hour course in foreign languages (English, French);

- Accommodation in 4-bedded rooms;

- Meals: full board;

- Textbooks, materials for classes in different circles;

- Medical insurance.



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