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Project: "Unity for the sake of a child's smile"


Today, no one can be indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine. The war knocked on our doors unexpectedly!

Millions of people were forced to leave the country, hit the road by unknown roads, pack their lives and agonize only in a suitcase! We have joined this effort and will continue to participate, because only together can we restore hope to these hardworking people.

Below we present you even more useful information about the new Project of our association!


Organizers: DemoTerra asbl, is an association that for 15 years has been uniting children and young people from different countries of Europe and the United States, organizing summer camps with programs for recreation and learning languages, learning about the history of Belgium and Europe, summer camps where children of different nationalities build a future in an atmosphere of peace and friendship (Saturn section)


Goal : This year we want to offer an opportunity for children from Ukraine (a group of children from Irpin, Borozhanka, Bucha) to relax in our camp together with children from Belgium. Within 11 days, children will have the opportunity to undergo a rehabilitation course and relax. Personal support of our team of educators and animators!


Period: 05.08.2022 - 15.08.2022


Our projects

Why do we need you? To implement this project, we need financial support. We call for a child's smile that each of us can give! We cry out for help! By making a donation, help your child forget about the heavy weapons of war and just smile! The number of these children will depend only on us, on your help! If you want to join our team, you can find the bank account details:

Bank : ING Belgium

Name : Demoterra C.I.J.D.

IBAN:  BE76 3630 7473 4395

BIC :  BBRU BE BB / +32 489 98 15 30

Summer Camp Kids
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