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"Saturn" is an international youth camp, which has excellent conditions for recreation, sports, development of creative abilities of children from 6 to 18 years old.

Saturn is a place of immersion in a fairy-tale world, it is a wonderful combination of active adventures, tourist and creative master classes.

These are 10 days, during which the guys become real actors, singers, athletes and, most importantly, a real team that can handle everything and where each member of the team is important and needed!

And add to this program training at the Academy of Masters of the Magic Word (daily classes in Russian, English and French).

Work in our camp is carried out in several directions.

  • 1. Teaching foreign languages.
    In our camp, the most modern and effective teaching methods are used.The guys quickly replenish their vocabulary and master communication skills.The learning process takes place in a fun way.

  • 2. Development of creative initiatives.
    In the youth camp "Saturn" there are various master classes, where children are trained in modern dances, oratory, acting, arts and crafts, journalism and other areas.

  • 3. Entertainment program.
    We offer children a whole range of sports and creative activities.The guys always have the opportunity to test themselves in a new, unusual role: couturier, businessman, stylist, film director, etc. Fresh air, a balanced diet, sports, familiarization with creativity, educational excursions and trips to historical places, will make your child's vacation in our camp unforgettable.

Заезды 2016

We are always looking forward to summer!


Summer is, first of all, a change of scenery, new travels and discoveries, it is a vacation alone with nature or with friends. This is a time of interesting meetings and unexpected adventures... Guys, would you like to spend your summer holidays with maximum benefit for yourself, discover your creative potential, improve your health?!

Are you dreaming about it? Then welcome to SATURN - our international camp!

We offer you to learn French, improve your English and Dutch, you will be able to replenish your vocabulary of the Russian language and, in the meantime, spend your holidays in one of the most visited places in Europe.

Belgium is not only a country of chocolate, waffles, investment companies and international organizations, here you can simply go out and practice your native or foreign English, German, French, Dutch. Belgium has 3 official languages, and English is one of the working languages of the Institutions of the European Union, located in Brussels.


To help you succeed in learning foreign languages, we offer to combine a 10-day vacation in our camp with classes at the Language Center - LC "DemoTerra" for a 20-hour training program.


For whatever purpose you come to our camp, just to relax and improve your health or, while traveling, learn a foreign language, you will spend time in a friendly, cheerful and creative atmosphere in the circle of your peers and, at the same time, get the practice of communicating in English, French, Dutch, Russian languages.

Meals: children eat on the basis of full board: breakfast, 2-course lunch and dinner. Drinks and light snacks are also available for an afternoon snack

Наши Мастер-Классы

Our Workshops




- completely different approaches
- completely new techniques

Workshop of creativity and design:

- drawing, painting - sculpting
- printing design
- collage, creative works

Studio of arts and crafts Studio of journalism


Studio of active craftsmanship (for those who dream of self-realization in life and on stage!)

The language studio-club invites those wishing to learn communication in foreign languages.


  1. We are sincere and open

  2. We are positive, active, creative and successful.

  3. Every day is an event.

  4. Every event is an emotion.

  5. Every emotion is a choice.

  6. Every choice is freedom.

  7. Masters are also a team.

  8. Here you can earn points and win a free place for the next season!

  9. With us, everyone can express themselves and self-realize!

  10. We are constantly busy!

  11. All participants of the creative camp project - FRIENDS - one big team



Памятка для родителей

Memo for parents

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents:
  • How is Camp Saturn different from other camps?

  • What will the children do on the project?

  • Will the child be bored on the project?

  • And what if the child does not want to do anything?

  • What about discipline on the project?

  • How is smoking and drinking alcohol controlled?

  • Do we exercise in the morning?

  • Do children have free time?

  • Are there any conflict situations in the camp and how do you solve them?

  • How can we contact the child?

  • How to get to your camp?

Необходимые вещи

Things you need in the camp

For the camp


  • Casual wear

  • Elegant clothes

  • Tracksuit, sports shoes

  • Replaceable shoes

  • Personal hygiene items

For the pool


  • Towel

  • Swimming trunks for a boy

  • Swimsuit for girls

  • Diving goggles

  • Sun protective!

  • Umbrella



A few tips:

  • All things need to be signed and put in a suitcase with a complete list of them.

  • Sign the suitcase so that the tag does not come off, and the name is read well and legibly.

  • It is better to put two hats.

  • Take a few empty bags with you: for dirty things, for going to the pool. You can give something like a small backpack with you for these purposes.

  • Do not give your child medication with you. If there is a need to use them, inform the doctor or educator about it.


Do not take a lot of things with you, but only the most necessary ones!
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