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Our Workshops

- completely different approaches
- completely new techniques

Workshop of creativity and design:
- drawing, painting - sculpting
- printing design

- collage, creative works


Studio of active craftsmanship (for those who dream of self-realization in life and on stage!)

1. PLAY in LIFE and on STAGE
2. Expanding your own capabilities
3. New achievements
4. Talent Discovery
5. Increased productivity
6. Creative realization
7. Victory over complexes
8. Opening your second self

Studio of arts and crafts Creative realization
- paper plastic - compositions made of natural material
- soft toy

Studio In the journalism studio:

- we will find out what an information series and a newspaper strip are, what an art editor is.
- learn how to interview, write notes, articles, reports - we will edit and typeset - organize a news agency
- hold a press conference - shoot and edit the film
- create and publish an issue of newspapers

studio-club invites those who wish to learn communication in foreign languages.

Main tasks and goals:
-overcoming the language barrier
-development of conversational skills
-expanding the vocabulary of the child.

In the first days of the shift, testing will take place, according to the results of which we will divide the children into groups according to the level of language proficiency.
Further, daily game and project classes are provided, as well as creative tasks aimed at developing children's oral speech and overcoming the language barrier.
Attendance at classes in the club is free! The choice is always up to the child.


1. We are sincere and open
2. We are positive, active, creative and successful.
3. Every day is an event.
4. Every event is an emotion.
5. Every emotion is a choice.
6. Every choice is freedom.
7. Masters are also a team.
8. Here you can earn points and win a free place for the next season!
9. With us, everyone can express themselves and self-realize!
10. We are constantly busy!
11. All participants of the creative camp project - FRIENDS - one big team



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