"Saturn" is an international youth camp that offers the optimal conditions to rest, play sports, and develop the creative abilities of children from 6 to 18 years old.

Saturn is a place that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale world. It offers a wonderful combination of active adventures, tourism and creative master classes.


The camp is 10 days, during which the participants become real actors, singers, athletes and, most importantly, a real team, in which everyone helps each other and  every member is equally important and necessary! This camp combines fun activities with daily Dutch, French, English and/or Russian classes!

Our work has multiple goals and aims:
1. Learning foreign languages.

Our camp uses the most modern and effective methods of teaching. The children quickly improve their vocabulary and master communication skills. The learning process takes place in an exciting game form, making learning fun.

2. Development of creative initiatives.

Several master classes are organised during camp Saturn, during which children are trained in modern dances, oratory, acting skills, arts and crafts, journalism and many other areas. We highly appreciate young talents, we always try to support them and contribute to their development of creativity.

3. An entertaining program.

We offer the children a whole variety of sports and creative events. The children always have the opportunity to test themselves in a new, unusual role, such as designer, businessman, stylist, film director, etc

Fresh air, balanced meals, sports, creativity, excursions and trips to historical places will most definitely make your child's holiday in our camp unforgettable.

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