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DemoTerra is a place where everyone has the same rights and opportunities. Where leadership, management and relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. The place where we celebrate love and kindness.


We develop activities in a variety of areas, but our main achievement is the Saturn camp. This camp unites young people from different countries and cultural backgrounds around the themes “education” and “health”.


Why participate in our camp?

Simply to relax, improve your health, to travel, to learn a foreign language and to have a good time in a friendly, joyful and creative atmosphere among your peers while practicing English, French, Dutch, and / or Russian.


It is easier to understand and discuss the culture and history of the country where the children are from in an informal education process,.

However, we are all united by FRIENDSHIP, a delicate thread that connects the hearts of all those who have participated in our camp, even if just for once.

Our doors are always open to new friends for interesting encounters and new adventures!

Association goals
  • The promotion of youth tourism and intercultural exchanges between individuals, institutions, local authorities, groups, associations in Belgium and the countries of the Caucasus and Eastern Europe;

  • The creation and strengthening of ties of friendship and solidarity between Belgium, the countries of the Caucasus and Eastern Europe in order to establish cultural exchanges, teaching methods, language learning, etc.

  • The development of information tools, reflections and teaching aides and the valorisation of the actions and projects of the members;


  • Encouragement to set up new initiatives and the implementation of partnerships promoting the organisation of active leisure activities (sport, cultural and artistic activities, summer camps and school holidays, international camps, etc.) for young Belgians from the Caucasus countries and Eastern Europe;

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